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Microsoft Sync Framework

Sync Framework is a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services, and devices. Sync Framework features technologies and tools that enable roaming, data sharing, and taking data offline. By using Sync Framework, developers can build synchronization ecosystems that integrate any application with data from any store, by using any protocol over any network.

This documentation covers all Sync Framework components, including the following:

  • Core components

  • Database synchronization providers (referred to as Sync Services for ADO.NET in previous releases)

  • File synchronization provider (referred to as Sync Services for File Systems in previous releases)

  • Web feed synchronization components (referred to as Sync Services for FeedSync in previous releases)

The Sync Framework documentation provides an introduction and a set of how-to topics and reference topics to help you quickly understand and productively use Sync Framework. The how-to topics contain sample code, and additional samples are available in the Sync Framework SDK and on Code Gallery. We strongly recommend that you read the introductory topics, particularly Selecting the Appropriate Sync Framework Components, before deciding how to use Sync Framework in your applications.

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