Getting started

With Deep Zoom Composer, all it takes is a few simple steps to share your Deep Zoom images with others:

  1. Create a new project.

    For more information, see Create a new project.

  2. Add images to your project.

    For more information, see Add or remove images in a project.

  3. Arrange images into a composition.

    For more information, see the topics under Creating a composition.

  4. Add optional elements such as hotspots, navigation, and reporting.

    For more information, see the topics under Adding interactivity.

  5. Export and publish.

    For more information, see the topics under Exporting a composition.


The first thing you have to do after creating a new Deep Zoom Composer project is add images to work with. Click the Add image button in the upper-right corner of the Import workspace.

For more information about the underlying technology in Deep Zoom Composer, see About Deep Zoom Composer.

Getting started

Start learning about Deep Zoom Composer in the following topics:

  • About Deep Zoom Composer   Learn how you can use Deep Zoom Composer and what you can do with it.

  • What's new   See what's changed in this version, along with links to the latest topic updates.

  • Adjusting your workspace   Learn about the workspaces where you import, compose, and export your images.

Tip for this User Guide

  • To print a topic, click inside the topic window and then press CTRL+P.

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Adjusting your workspace

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