RPTCOMPANY records that are introduced when you preview a report will cause other reports to duplicate their report detail

This article provides a solution to an issue where RPTCOMPANY records will cause other reports to duplicate their report detail.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015
Original KB number:   3049894


Consider the following scenario in Project Controller in Microsoft Dynamics SL:

  • Print preview the Detail GL report.
  • Leave the preview open.
  • Print any of the four formats of the Budget report in Project Controller (PA.030.00).

Notice all the detail lines are duplicated.


To fix this issue, use the following steps:

  1. Open the report in Crystal. Select Report -> Selection Formula -> Record.

  2. Add the following text to the record selection formula:

    {RptCompany.RI_ID} = tonumber(RIPARAM("RI_ID"))

  3. Select Save.

More information

This problem occurs with the following reports:

  • Allocation Methods XREF (PA.430.00)
  • Alloc Proc/GL Posting Audit (PA.450.00)
  • Project Change Order Print (CN.030.00)
  • Employee Report (PA.050.00)
  • Project Aging/Recap (PA.110.00)
  • Project Aging/Recap (SSRS) (PA.111.00)
  • Project Transactions (PA.150.00)
  • Project List (PA.170.00)
  • Job Summary Report (PA.300.00)
  • Labor Hours Detail (PA.310.00)
  • Labor Hours and Cost Detail (PA.320.00)
  • ODC Detail (PA.330.00
  • Revenue Detail (PA.340.00)
  • Cost Summary (PA.340.00)
  • Revenue Summary (PA.360.00)
  • Indirect Cost Analysis Report (PA.370.00)
  • Revenue Variance Report (UZ.010.00)