Azure PlayFab Services SDK

This topic lists the different flavors of Azure PlayFab Services SDKs we currently have today.

PlayFab Services SDKs enable you to implement a majority of our features, including LiveOps, economy, and data analytics.

Access to SDKs for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®5 requires special approval and adherence to platform policies. For more information, see Request access for SDKs and samples.

For broad API categories in these SDKs, see API REST operation groups.


Unsure if this is the SDK you need? See SDK overview - PlayFab SDK, Party SDK, Multiplayer Server SDK.

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By content

SDK/library Platform/environments
C/C++ Xbox and Windows (GDK), Android, iOS, Linux, Windows (Win32) x64, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Cocos2D (community supported)
C# Xamarin and other C#/.NET environments besides Unity
Java Android Studio
Lua Corona (now Solar2D), Defold
NodeJS Node.js applications
Objective-C (community supported) iOS
Photon Facilitates PlayFab integration only
PHP (community supported) PHP
Python (community supported) Python
Unity Titles developed using Unity
Unreal Engine Titles developed using Unreal Engine

By platform/operating system

Platform/operating system SDK/library
Android C# (using Xamarin), Java/Android Studio, Lua, Unity, Unreal Engine
iOS C# (using Xamarin), Lua, Objective-C (community supported), Unity, Unreal Engine
Linux C++, Lua
PlayStation 4 C++, Unity, Unreal Engine
PlayStation 5 C++, Unity, Unreal Engine
Switch C++, Unity, Unreal Engine
Windows (Win32) x64 C++, Lua, Unity, Unreal Engine
Xbox and Windows (GDK) C/C++, Unity, Unreal Engine

Alternatively, you can also view the available SDKs based on languages, frameworks, game engines, and scripting languages.

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