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Export Payment Files in the Belgian Version

After you have printed a test report and corrected all errors, you can export the payment journal lines to a payment file.

A payment file contains either domestic, international, SEPA, or non-euro SEPA payments. The file can be sent to a bank electronically. You can create only one file for each posting date and each currency code. When you export the payments to a file, an accompanying note is printed, which can also be sent to the bank.

In the payment journal, the Status field on the exported lines will be set to Posted.

To print a payment file

  1. Choose the Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature. icon, enter Payment Journal, and then choose the link to open the EB Payment Journal page.

  2. In the Batch Name field, select the required journal batch.

  3. In the Export Protocol field, select the export protocol.

    Export protocols control which payment file will be generated in the payment journal. You can have a mixture of export formats in a single batch, such as domestic, international, SEPA, or a combination of these. However, when exporting the payment lines to a file, you can use only one export format, or export protocol.


    By defining the export protocol, you also define the type of validation that will be performed in the payment journal.

  4. Enter the payment journal line information.

    1. Choose the Suggest Vendor Payments action.

    2. In the Suggest Vendor Payments EB page, set the relevant filters and options.

      This batch job processes open vendor ledger entries and creates a payment suggestion as lines in a payment journal. Open vendor ledger entries result from posting invoices and finance charge memos.

      Only the ledger entries of vendors where the Suggest Payments field is selected on their Vendor card are included in the batch job. The suggestions are registered in a payment journal. You must specify a last payment date that will be used in the batch job.

      In addition, only vendor entries that are not marked as On Hold in the Vendor Ledger Entries page are included in the batch job. You can also run the batch job so that it also includes payments for which you can obtain a discount.

      When you enter an available amount, the vendors will be ordered by Priority.

      You can define what is included in the report by setting filters. To set additional fields on the tab, choose the field. Hover over a field to read a short description.

    3. Delete or modify the lines as appropriate.

    4. If no bank account is indicated on the payment journal template, indicate a bank account to pay with on each line.

  5. Choose the Check Payment Lines action.

    The Export Check Error Logs page displays any errors that exist. If there are errors, you must fix them before you can continue.

  6. If there are no errors, choose the Export Payment Lines action.

    The report that you specified in the relevant export protocol will process the payment lines and generate the file.

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