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The UK Postcodes Extension in the British Version

The UK Postcodes extension can save time and prevent mistakes when you enter addresses for entities like customers, vendors, bank accounts, and employees. For example, when you're creating a customer, you just choose a postcode and Business Central shows a list of addresses. Pick the address you want, and presto, the address fields are filled out.

To use the UK postcodes extension when you enter an address

  1. Under Address, choose Look up address from postcode.


    The Look up address from postcode option is available only if the Country/Region Code field is either empty, or contains GB.

  2. On the Postcode Search page, in the Postcode field, enter or choose the postcode.

  3. On the Address Selection page, choose the address.


If you know the street number, you can filter the addresses by entering some or all of the number in the Delivery Point field.

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