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Limited access to Azure OpenAI Service

As part of Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI, we are designing and releasing Azure OpenAI Service with the intention of protecting the rights of individuals and society and fostering transparent human-computer interaction. For this reason, we currently limit the access and use of Azure OpenAI, including limiting access to the ability to modify content filters and/or abuse monitoring.

Registration process

Azure OpenAI requires registration and is currently only available to approved enterprise customers and partners. Customers who wish to use Azure OpenAI are required to submit a registration form.

Customers must attest to any and all use cases for which they will use the service (the use cases from which customers may select will populate in the form after selection of the desired model(s) in Question 22 in the initial registration form). Customers who wish to add additional use cases after initial onboarding must submit the additional use cases using this form. The use of Azure OpenAI is limited to use cases that have been selected in a registration form. Microsoft may require customers to re-verify this information. Read more about example use cases and use cases to avoid here.

Customers who wish to modify content filters and modify abuse monitoring after they have onboarded to the service are subject to additional eligibility criteria and scenario restrictions. At this time, modified content filters and/or modified abuse monitoring for Azure OpenAI Service are only available to managed customers and partners working with Microsoft account teams and have additional use case restrictions. Customers meeting these requirements can register for:

Access to the Azure OpenAI Service is subject to Microsoft's sole discretion based on eligibility criteria and a vetting process, and customers must acknowledge that they have read and understand the Azure terms of service for Azure OpenAI Service.

Azure OpenAI Service is made available to customers under the terms governing their subscription to Microsoft Azure Services, including the Azure OpenAI section of the Microsoft Product Terms. Please review these terms carefully as they contain important conditions and obligations governing your use of Azure OpenAI Service.

Help and support

FAQ about Limited Access can be found here. If you need help with Azure OpenAI, find support here. Report abuse of Azure OpenAI here.

Report problematic by opening an Azure support ticket

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