Partager via BaseEap

All Microsoft EAP methods define the contents of the BaseEapMethodConfig (section to contain one element of type BaseEap. Method-specific configuration is achieved by the elements of the BaseEap schema in a method-specific schema.

The BaseEap complex type defines a string which MUST be formatted according to the XML schema in section 6.6.3. This schema defines the following elements:

EapType: An abstract element of type BaseEapTypeParameters which is overridden by the method-specific schema. One or more EapType elements can be included.

Type: An 8-bit unsigned integer which specifies the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) method to be used by the domain clients while using IEEE 802.1X authentication, as specified in [IEEE802.1X], to connect to a network. The value for this field MUST be a legal EAP method type, as specified in [RFC3748] section 6.2, and MUST be an EAP method type implemented by Microsoft.