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SQL Server Programming Overview

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the mechanisms used by applications to access resources on the local computer or available through a network. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 supports several classes of APIs that applications can use to access SQL Server resources.

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Topic Description

Exception Message Box Programming

A programmatic interface installed with and used by SQL Server 2005 graphical components.

Database Engine .NET Framework Programming

SQL Server 2005 features the integration of the common language runtime (CLR) component of the .NET Framework for Microsoft Windows.

SQL Native Client Programming

A stand-alone data access API used for both OLE DB and ODBC.

SQLXML 4.0 Programming

Delivers the same functionality as SQLXML 3.0, plus updates to accommodate new features introduced with SQL Server 2005.

Database Engine Administration Programming

A number of administration APIs used to create database and administration applications.

Analysis Services Data Access Interfaces (SSAS)

Several technologies used to access data and metadata stored on an instance of Analysis Services.

Analysis Services Administration Programming (SSAS)

Several technologies used to perform administrative tasks on an instance of Analysis Services.

Integration Services Programming

Includes an object model that makes programming packages easier and more flexible.

Replication Programming

Enables you to both simplify repeated replication tasks and improve the user experience for your replication-based applications.

Reporting Services Programming

Several programming interfaces you can leverage in your own applications.

Notification Services Programming Reference

Notification Services object models, XML schemas, tables, views, and codes.

Service Broker Programming

Defining and developing the components required to create an application that uses Service Broker.

Database Engine Extended Stored Procedure Programming

The Microsoft Extended Stored Procedure API provides a server-based API for extending SQL Server functionality.