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CComBSTR Class

This class is a wrapper for BSTRs.

class CComBSTR


The CComBSTR class is a wrapper for BSTRs, which are length-prefixed strings. The length is stored as an integer at the memory location preceding the data in the string.

A BSTR is null-terminated after the last counted character but may also contain null characters embedded within the string. The string length is determined by the character count, not the first null character.


The CComBSTR class provides a number of members (constructors, assignment operators, and comparison operators) that take either ANSI or Unicode strings as arguments. The ANSI versions of these functions are less efficient than their Unicode counterparts because temporary Unicode strings are often created internally. For efficiency, use the Unicode versions where possible.


Because of the improved lookup behavior implemented in Visual Studio .NET, code such as bstr = L"String2" + bstr;, which may have compiled in previous releases, should instead be implemented as bstr = CStringW(L"String2") + bstr.

For a list of cautions when using CComBSTR, see Programming with CComBSTR.


Header: atlbase.h

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