Create a App Services Managed Certificate

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To deploy this template, you need to have the following resources:

  1. Create an App Service Plan (serverFarm).

  2. Create a App Services on the previous App Service Plan.

  3. Add a APEX custom domain to the App Services. (i.e. For that you will need:

    a. Go the the App Services => Your App => Custom Domains and take note of IP Address and Custom Domain Verification ID

    b. Under your dns zone ( create 2 DNS records:

    Record Type Value
    @ A (IP Address from step a)
    asuid TXT (Custom Domain Verification ID)

    c. Add your root domain going to -> App Services => Custom Domains -> Add custom domain. (ie

    More information can be found here.

  4. Make sure you Web App does not have any Network restriction or redirection (such as http to https or to another url).

This arm deployment will:

  1. Create a Managed Certificate (Free).

The operation is expected to take some time.

Tags: Microsoft.Web/certificates, Microsoft.Web/serverfarms, Microsoft.Web/sites, Microsoft.Web/sites/hostNameBindings