Logic App to email reports on backup cost optimizmation

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This template deploys a Logic App that sends periodic reports on cost optimization opportunities with Azure Backup to a specified set of email addresses. The Logic App runs a set of queries on a specified set of Log Analytics workspaces and exports the returned data as inline charts and CSV attachments.

The 'Optimize' views allow you to gain visibility into potential cost-optimization opportunities for your backups. Following are the views available under this section:

Inactive Resources

Using this view, you can identify those backup items that haven't had a successful backup for a significant duration of time. This could either mean that the underlying machine that's being backed up doesn't exist anymore (and so is resulting in failed backups), or there's some issue with the machine that's preventing backups from being taken reliably. Depending on your scenario, you can choose to either stop backup for the machine (if it doesn't exist anymore) and delete unnecessary backups, which saves costs, or you can fix issues in the machine to ensure that backups are taken reliably.

Backup Items with a large retention duration

Using this view, you can identify those items that have backups retained for a longer duration than required by your organization. You can specify the threshold retention values as parameters to the template to view all backup instances with retentions larger than the specified thresholds.

Databases configured for daily full backup

Using this view, you can identify database workloads that have been configured for daily full backup. Often, using daily differential backup along with weekly full backup is more cost-effective.

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