Limited Access to Face API

Our vision is to empower developers and organizations to leverage AI to transform society in positive ways. We encourage responsible AI practices to protect the rights and safety of individuals. Microsoft facial recognition services are Limited Access in order to help prevent the misuse of the services in accordance with our AI Principles and facial recognition principles.

Since the announcement on June 11th, 2020, Azure AI Face recognition services are strictly prohibited for use by or for U.S. police departments.

Registration process

Customers and partners who wish to use Limited Access features of the Face API, including Face identification and Face verification, are required to register for access by submitting a registration form. The Face Detection operation is available without registration.

Access to Face API is subject to Microsoft's sole discretion based on eligibility criteria and a vetting process. Face API is available only to customers managed by Microsoft, defined as those customers and partners who are working directly with Microsoft account teams. Additionally, Face API is only available for certain use cases, and customers must select their desired use case in their registration. Microsoft may require customers and partners to reverify this information periodically. Read more about example use cases and disallowed use cases to avoid here.

The Face API service is made available to customers and partners under the terms governing their subscription to Microsoft Azure Services (including the Service Specific Terms). Please review these terms carefully as they contain important conditions and obligations governing your use of Face API.

Learn more about the legal terms that apply to this service here.

Help and support

FAQ about Limited Access can be found here.

If you need help with Face API, find support here.

Report abuse of Face API here.