Gestione di Fundraising and Engagement per organizzazioni no profit con Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

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Microsoft Cloud per organizzazioni no profit

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit consente alle organizzazioni no profit di avere un impatto scalabile e trasformativo offrendo loro la possibilità di interagire con donatori e sostenitori, di effettuare una programmazione efficace e di accelerare i risultati delle iniziative.


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Moduli in questo percorso di apprendimento

Fundraising and Engagement enables nonprofit organizations to maintain holistic relationships with donors, and to manage individual giving, regular giving, and major moves with end-to-end automated processes.

Fundraising and Engagement, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, enables you to manage relationships with your constituents, and to create a 360-degree view of the donor, which is at the center of all your fundraising activities.

Fundraising and Engagement lets you record and process gifts, provide a central source of truth for fundraising, and provide a complete history of giving for each constituent as part of their profile.

This module explores functionality for managing and working with gifts in Fundraising and Engagement. You will learn how Fundraising and Engagement handle the processing of gift batches, receipts, refunds, and write-offs.

Memberships are a way for constituents to participate in, or belong, to a specific membership group. Memberships can be used as another avenue for fundraising or can be non-fee memberships, for example in recognition of major donors.

Learn to manage fundraising for major gifts with a dashboard for tracking and opportunity management.

Learn to plan, report, and track fundraising performance.

In this module you will learn how to set up and manage an event in Fundraising and Engagement. You will see how to create an event, set up event components, register attendees, and assign attendees to event tables.

Configure settings used across different areas of Fundraising and Engagement such as constituent records, opportunities, and events for tracking and segmentation purposes.