Enum PbrVertexAlphaMode

Defines how the alpha portion of a mesh's vertex color contributes to the final color.

enum class Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::PbrVertexAlphaMode : int32_t


Name Value Description Remarks
PbrVertexAlphaMode::Occlusion 0 The alpha value represents an ambient occlusion value and therefore only affects the indirect lighting from the skybox.
PbrVertexAlphaMode::LightMask 1 The alpha value serves as scale factor for the overall amount of lighting applied, meaning the alpha can be used to darken areas. This affects both indirect as well as direct lighting.
PbrVertexAlphaMode::Opacity 2 The alpha represents how opaque (1.0) or transparent (0.0) the material is. This only has an effect if the used PbrMaterial has transparency enabled.

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