SpatialAwarenessMeshLevelOfDetail Enum


Enumeration defining levels of detail for the spatial awareness mesh subsystem.

public enum class SpatialAwarenessMeshLevelOfDetail
public enum SpatialAwarenessMeshLevelOfDetail
type SpatialAwarenessMeshLevelOfDetail = 
Public Enum SpatialAwarenessMeshLevelOfDetail


Coarse 0

The coarse level of detail is well suited for identifying large environmental features, such as floors and walls.

Custom -1

The custom level of detail allows specifying a custom value for TrianglesPerCubicMeter.

Fine 2

The fine level of detail is well suited for using as an occlusion mesh.

Medium 1

The medium level of detail is often useful for experiences that continually scan the environment (ex: a virtual pet).

Unlimited 255

The unlimited level of detail requests meshes as detailed as possible from the device.

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