ConfirmImpact Enum


Defines the ConfirmImpact levels. These levels describe the "destructiveness" of an action, and thus the degree of important that the user confirm the action. For example, setting the read-only flag on a file might be Low, and reformatting a disk might be High. These levels are also used in $ConfirmPreference to describe which operations should be confirmed. Operations with ConfirmImpact equal to or greater than $ConfirmPreference are confirmed. Operations with ConfirmImpact.None are never confirmed, and no operations are confirmed when $ConfirmPreference is ConfirmImpact.None (except when explicitly requested with -Confirm).

public enum class ConfirmImpact
public enum ConfirmImpact
type ConfirmImpact = 
Public Enum ConfirmImpact


High 3

This action is potentially highly "destructive" and should be confirmed by default unless otherwise specified.

Low 1

This action only needs to be confirmed when the user has requested that low-impact changes must be confirmed.

Medium 2

This action should be confirmed in most scenarios where confirmation is requested.

None 0

There is never any need to confirm this action.

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