Application.UserAppDataRegistry Property


Gets the registry key for the application data of a user.

 static property Microsoft::Win32::RegistryKey ^ UserAppDataRegistry { Microsoft::Win32::RegistryKey ^ get(); };
public static Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey UserAppDataRegistry { get; }
static member UserAppDataRegistry : Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey
Public Shared ReadOnly Property UserAppDataRegistry As RegistryKey

Property Value

A RegistryKey representing the registry key for the application data specific to the user.


If the key does not exist, it is created in the following format:


Data stored in this key is part of user profile that is enabled for roaming. A roaming user works on more than one computer in a network. The user profile for a roaming user is kept on a server on the network and is loaded onto a system when the user logs on. For a user profile to be considered for roaming, the operating system must support roaming profiles and it must be enabled.

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