Web API Enum Type Reference

An EnumType represents an enumeration type in an OData v4 entity model.

In This Section

Name Description
AccessRights Contains the possible access rights for a user.
AssociatedMenuBehavior Describes the behavior of the associated menu for a one-to-many relationship.
AssociatedMenuGroup Describes the group in which to display the associated menu for an entity relationship
AttributeRequiredLevel Describes the requirement level for an attribute.
AttributeTypeCode Describes the type of an attribute.
BusinessNotificationParameterType For internal use only.
BusinessNotificationSeverity For internal use only.
CascadeType Describes the type of behavior for a specific action applied to the referenced entity in a one-to-many entity relationship.
ConditionOperator Describes the type of comparison in a condition expression.
DateTimeFormat Describes the formatting of a DateTimeAttributeMetadata attribute.
DeletedMetadataFilters Specifies the type of deleted metadata to retrieve.
EndpointAccessType Indicates the type of network access an endpoint has.
EndpointType Identifies the type of service available at an endpoint.
EntityFilters Describes the type of entity metadata to retrieve.
EntityKeyIndexStatus Represents the enumerator for the entity key status when the index creation job is in progress.
ErrorType Category of validation error.
ImeMode Describes the input method editor mode
ImportDecision For internal use only.
IntegerFormat Describes the formatting of an integer attribute.
JoinOperator the possible values for a join operator in a LinkEntity.
LayerDesiredOrderType For internal use only.
LogicalOperator The possible values for an operator in a FilterExpression.
ManagedPropertyEvaluationPriority For internal use only.
ManagedPropertyOperation For internal use only.
ManagedPropertyType For internal use only.
MetadataConditionOperator Types of comparison for two values in a metadata condition expression.
OptionSetType Indicates the type of option set.
OrderType The possible values for the order type in an OrderExpression.
OrganizationState Describes the state of the organization.
OrganizationType Indicates the type of the organization.
OwnershipTypes Specifies the type of ownership for an entity.
PresentInOrg For internal use only.
PrivilegeDepth Contains the possible values for the depth of a privilege within a role.
PrivilegeType Describes the type of operation for the privilege
RelationshipType Specifies the type of entity relationship.
RibbonLocationFilters Contains the values for ribbon filters for an entity.
RollupType The possible values for the RollupType property in the Rollup Function, which you use to retrieve all the entity records for a specified record.
SearchDirection Contains the possible values for the search direction in an appointment request.
SecurityTypes Describes the security type for the relationship.
ShareAccessRights For internal use only.
SolutionValidationResultType The type of result returned from validating a solution.
StageSolutionStatus The status of the solution staging request.
StringFormat Describes the formatting of a string attribute for the StringAttributeMetadata.Format property. (Deprecated)
SubCode Contains the possible values for a subcode, used in scheduling appointments.
TargetFieldType Indicates the attribute type for the target of the InitializeFromRequest message.
TimeCode Contains the possible values for a time code, used when querying a schedule.
XrmAggregateType The type of aggregation to apply.
XrmDateTimeGrouping Defines the portion of a DateTime value for a group by attribute in aggregate queries.

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