Microsoft Graph PowerShell overview

The Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK acts as an API wrapper for the Microsoft Graph APIs, exposing the entire API set for use in PowerShell. It contains a set of cmdlets that helps you manage identities at scale from automating tasks to managing users in bulk using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). It will help administer every Azure AD feature that has an API in Microsoft Graph.

The Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK is the replacement for the Azure AD PowerShell module and is recommended for interacting with Azure AD.


The Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK provides the following benefits:

  • Access to all Microsoft Graph APIs not just Azure Active Directory: Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK is based on Microsoft Graph API. The Microsoft Graph API includes, in addition to Azure AD, APIs from other Microsoft services like SharePoint, Exchange, Outlook, etc, all accessed through a single endpoint with a single access token. Azure AD Graph PowerShell is based on Azure AD Graph which is deprecated. To learn more on migrating from Azure AD Graph to Microsoft Graph see Microsoft Graph or Azure AD Graph.
  • Cross-platform support and available on PowerShell 7 and above: Microsoft Graph PowerShell module works with PowerShell 7 and later and on all platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's also compatible with Windows PowerShell 5.1.
  • Supports modern authentication: Microsoft Graph PowerShell supports the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) which offers more security that its Azure AD PowerShell Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) counterpart.
  • Open source: Feature teams and the community can create great PowerShell experiences and share them with everyone.

Upgrade your environment to use the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

To understand how to migrate from Azure AD PowerShell to Microsoft Graph PowerShell, follow the migration guide.

Install the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

The Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK is published on the PowerShell Gallery. Follow the Install the SDK instructions to install the the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK.

Get started

To perform basic tasks, use the Get-started guide.

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