Automation Assets

Automation Assets are resources that are available to all runbooks in an Automation account. You create and configure assets using either the Azure portal or Windows PowerShell cmdlets. You can retrieve values for assets in a runbook with activities that are available for each asset type.

The following topics provide details on the different automation assets, how to create and edit them using both the portal and Windows PowerShell, and using them with activities in a runbook.

  • Certificates

    Certificates can be stored in Azure Automation so they can be used by runbooks for authentication or added to an Azure resource.

  • Connections

    An Automation connection asset contains the information required to connect to a service or application from a runbook.

  • Credentials

    An Automation credential asset holds a PSCredential object which contains security credentials such as a username and password.

  • Schedules

    Automation schedules assets are used to schedule runbooks to run automatically.

  • Variables

    Automation variable assets are values that are available to all runbooks.

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