Branding guidelines

When your app uses OneDrive, Skype APIs, or Microsoft accounts, there are some branding guidelines to keep in mind when naming your app, using logos, and referencing these products.

OneDrive branding guidelines

You may use the icons in this zip file in the UI of your app to connect your users to OneDrive services, provided that your use complies with these guidelines. By using these icons, you agree to be bound by the guidelines presented here.

When you refer to OneDrive, be sure to use the proper form, a capital O and a capital D.

Naming your app

You cannot use "OneDrive" as a part of your app name. You may, however, append the full product name to your app name, as "<App name> for Microsoft OneDrive". (When the context is not clear, as in a third-party app name, you must use "Microsoft OneDrive".)

Use of the OneDrive logo

When offering OneDrive as a file location in your app, the logo lockup should ideally be used to reference and/or link to OneDrive. If that is not possible, you may use the OneDrive cloud symbol in combination with "OneDrive" in text.

Though not ideal, in very small spaces it is acceptable to show just the OneDrive cloud symbol; however, the resulting or linked page should bear the full OneDrive name and logo.

OneDrive logo lockup example

You cannot use the OneDrive cloud symbol locked up with your app name in either in-product or marketing references. Do not use the symbol masked-up in some other way with another logo. The OneDrive cloud symbol should be used only to represent the OneDrive experience.

Logo and text colors

Blue is the preferred color for the OneDrive logo and text:

  • Hex value = #094AB2
  • RGB value = R9 G74 B178
  • Pantone 2728

OneDrive blue logo

Second choice is the white OneDrive logo and text:

OneDrive white logo

If neither blue nor white will work in your app's design, black is the alternate option for the OneDrive logo and text:

OneDrive black logo

Other branding guidelines

Your app also has to comply with all of the quality requirements in this SDK and the Live Connect - Terms of Use. Note that Microsoft may update these guidelines from time to time.