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SQL Server Express with Advanced Services Features

SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services provides the following capabilities in addition to the features that are available in SQL Server 2008 Express:

  • Basic installation of SQL Server Management Studio, a graphical management tool that makes it easy to manage and administer SQL Server Express databases.

  • Reporting Services.

  • BI Development Studio. This provides an integrated report creation and design environment to create reports.

  • Full-text Search, a powerful search engine for searching text-intensive data.

SQL Server Features that Are Supported in SQL Server Express

SQL Server Express supports most of the features and functionality of SQL Server 2008. This includes the following:

Stored procedures

SQL Server Configuration Manager


Replication (as a subscriber only)


Advanced Query Optimizer



sqlcmd and osql utilities

Integration with Visual Studio

Snapshot isolation Levels

Service Broker (as a client only)¹

Native XML support. This includes XQuery and XML schemas


Transact-SQL language support

Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS)

Dedicated Administrator Connection²

Full text search

Subset of Reporting Services features³

Import/Export Wizard

¹SQL Server Express supports Service Broker, but direct communication between two servers that are running SQL Server Express is not supported.

²The Dedicated Administrator Connection feature for SQL Server 2008 Express is supported with the trace flag 7806. For more information about trace flags and Dedicated Administrator Connection, see the Trace Flags and Using a Dedicated Administrator Connection topics in SQL Server 2008 Books Online.

³For more information about the features that are supported in SQL Server Express with Advanced Services, see Reporting Services in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services.

SQL Server Features that Are Not Supported in SQL Server Express

The following table lists the additional SQL Server 2008 database features that are not supported in this version of SQL Server Express. It also lists database features from earlier versions of SQL Server that are not supported.

SQL Server features not supported in SQL Server Express

SQL Server features from earlier versions not supported in SQL Server Express

Database mirroring

SQL Mail

Online restore

Failover clustering

Database snapshot

Distributed partitioned views

Parallel index operations

VIA protocol support

Mirrored media sets

Log shipping


Parallel DBCC

Address Windowing Extensions (AWE)

Parallel Create Index

Hot-add memory

Enhanced Read Ahead and Scan

Native HTTP SOAP access

Indexed views (materialized views)

SQL Mail and Database Mail

Partitioned views

Online Index Operations


SQL Server Agent and SQL Server Agent Service


The following major SQL Server 2008 components are not supported in SQL Server Express:

  • Integration Services (formerly Data Transformation Services)

  • Analysis Services

  • OLAP Services (Analysis Services)/Data Mining