Protect your data


Customers typically want to apply some level of protection to the most sensitive data to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. Microsoft's solution for meeting this requirement is information protection. It helps you discover, classify, and protect sensitive and business-critical content across your organization. This is accomplished by enabling users and admins to apply flexible protection actions, from applying visual markings to adding encryption and access restrictions to content.

Not all data is created equal. You need the flexibility to apply a different level of protection to a highly confidential file that contains company financial data versus a file that contains information on the company picnic. Information protection is covered in more depth in other modules in this learning path, but here are some key themes of the Microsoft solution for protecting your data.

Built-in experiences

Information protection is integrated into Microsoft 365 apps like Word and Excel, Microsoft 365 services like SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, other Microsoft solutions like Power BI.

Broad coverage

It is not just about protecting content stored in Microsoft 365. Sensitive information can be protected on devices, on-premises file repositories, and third party cloud services.

Flexible labeling options

You can choose between automatic labeling, manual user-driven labeling, or recommended labeling. With flexible labeling options, you can meet your security requirements without impacting end-user productivity.