SpatialAwarenessSurfaceTypes Enum


Enumeration defining the types of planar surfaces supported by Spatial Awareness.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class SpatialAwarenessSurfaceTypes
public enum SpatialAwarenessSurfaceTypes
type SpatialAwarenessSurfaceTypes = 
Public Enum SpatialAwarenessSurfaceTypes


Background 32

A surface that does not fit one of the defined surface types.

Ceiling 4

The environment’s ceiling.

Floor 2

The environment’s floor.

Inferred 128

Objects for which we have no observations

Platform 16

A large, raised surface upon which objects can be placed.

Unknown 1

A surface that cannot yet be categorized.

Wall 8

A vertical surface within the user’s space.

World 64

A boundless world mesh.

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