CFSTR_DSOBJECTNAMES clipboard format

The snap-ins for Active Directory Users and Computers, the Active Directory Sites and Services, and the Active Directory Domains and Trusts support the CFSTR_DSOBJECTNAMES clipboard format. The CFSTR_DSOBJECTNAMES clipboard format provides the list of objects that are selected when a property page or context menu is invoked by an Active Directory administrative snap-in.

Data Format

The data is returned as an HGLOBAL type that points to a DSOBJECTNAMES structure. The structure contains the count of items in the selection and a pointer to an array of DSOBJECT structures that represent each selected item. The DSOBJECT structure contains the ADsPath, class name, and flags that indicate whether the page should be read-only and whether the object is a container. If it is necessary to read or modify properties on the object, the ADsPath can be used to bind to the object and perform the necessary operations.


An extension snap-in uses this format by calling the GetData member on the IDataObject interface pointer that it receives from the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.