Creating Groups

Creating a group involves adding and configuring the individual resources in the group and adjusting the group's properties so that the group is ready to be brought online.

Administrators can create groups manually through cluster management applications such as Cluster Administrator, but cluster-aware applications can ease the burden on administrators by automating group creation as much as possible.

The following sections describe the tasks associated with creating groups.

To create a group

  1. Obtain a cluster handle. (See Using Object Handles.)
  2. Obtain a unique group name. To list the names of groups currently defined in the cluster, see Enumerating Objects.
  3. Create the group by calling CreateClusterGroup.
  4. Add resources to the group. To move existing resources into the group, call ChangeClusterResourceGroup. To create new resources in the group, see Creating Resources.
  5. Set properties, checkpoints, possible owners, and dependencies for the resources. (See Configuring Resources.)
  6. Adjust the group's failover policies. (For the properties that affect failover, see Failover and Failback. For information on changing properties, see Setting Properties.)
  7. If necessary, modify the group's preferred owner nodes list by calling SetClusterGroupNodeList.

Example Code

See Creating Failover Cluster Instances.