VMSS deploy of IPv6 in Azure Virtual Network (VNET)

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This template demonstrates use of VM Scale Sets with a dual stack IPv4/IPv6 VNET and Std Load Balancer.

The template creates the following Azure resources:

  • a VM Scale Set with 2 instances (by default)
  • the instances reside in a dual stack IP4/IPv6 Virtual Network (VNET) with a dual stack subnet
  • a VMSS Network Profile with both IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints
  • an Internet-facing Standard Load Balancer with both IPv4 and an IPv6 Public IP addresses
  • Network Security Group rules- including an IPv6-specific example

For a more information about this template, see What is IPv6 for Azure Virtual Network?

Tags: Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks, Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses, Microsoft.Network/loadBalancers, Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups, Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachineScaleSets