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Onboard early adopters and gather feedback for Microsoft Teams

Return to the list of employees who expressed interest in your early adopter program. Decide which of these individuals should participate in your initial experiments with Teams. It may be all or a portion of the people who are interested. Even if you do not select them for these initial projects, continue communicating with them so they remain interested and will be willing to participate in the future. They will be a part of the onboarding process for the projects you selected based on your discussions with business stakeholders, your technical team, and your prioritization exercise shown above.

Complete the following steps with these early adopters:

  1. Send an invitation email to them to invite them into the community,
  2. Host a kick-off call to share with them the goals and outcomes of the early adopter program,
  3. Ensure access to the feedback channel of your teamwork champions team and any other internal social networking tools you may use.
  4. Consider creating periodic surveys for them to complete that will gather targeted information.

Gather feedback

Use the components of Microsoft 365 or Office 365 to gather feedback for your project.

An icon representing a decision point. Decision: If your organization already has an investment in a Viva Engage network, you can use it as a feedback forum for your early adopter program. If not, and your early adopter program has less than 5000 members, create a team in Teams to gather feedback and provide training.


Some organizations will combine the channels for early adopter feedback into the teamwork champions program team. This is a good approach because many early adopters may become champions in the future, and it will build a stronger community.

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