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What is the auto registration feature in Azure DNS private zones?

The Azure DNS private zones auto registration feature manages DNS records for virtual machines deployed in a virtual network. When you link a virtual network with a private DNS zone with this setting enabled, a DNS record gets created for each virtual machine deployed in the virtual network.

For each virtual machine, an A record and a PTR record are created. DNS records for newly deployed virtual machines are also automatically created in the linked private DNS zone. When a virtual machine gets deleted, any associated DNS records also get deleted from the private DNS zone.

To enable auto registration, select the checkbox for "Enable auto registration" when you create the virtual network link.

Screenshot of enable auto registration on add virtual network link page.


  • Auto registration works only for virtual machines. For all other resources like internal load balancers, you can create DNS records manually in the private DNS zone linked to the virtual network.
  • DNS records are created automatically only for the primary virtual machine NIC. If your virtual machines have more than one NIC, you can manually create the DNS records for other network interfaces.
  • A specific virtual network can be linked to only one private DNS zone when automatic registration is enabled. You can, however, link multiple virtual networks to a single DNS zone.

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