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How to develop a custom machine configuration package

Before you begin, it's a good idea to read the overview page for machine configuration.

Machine configuration uses Desired State Configuration (DSC) when auditing and configuring both Windows and Linux. The DSC configuration defines the condition that the machine should be in.


Custom packages that audit the state of an environment and apply configurations are in Generally Available (GA) support status. However, the following limitations apply:

To use machine configuration packages that apply configurations, Azure VM guest configuration extension version 1.26.24 or later, or Arc agent 1.10.0 or later, is required.

The GuestConfiguration module is only available on Ubuntu 18 and later. However, the package and policies produced by the module can be used on any Linux distribution and version supported in Azure or Arc.

Testing packages on macOS isn't available.

Don't use secrets or confidential information in custom content packages.

Use the following steps to develop your own configuration for managing the state of an Azure or non-Azure machine.

  1. Set up a machine configuration authoring environment
  2. Create a custom machine configuration package artifact
  3. Test the package artifact
  4. Publish the package artifact
  5. Sign the package artifact