Design decisions and coding techniques for Synapse SQL features in Azure Synapse Analytics

In this article, you'll find a list of resources for dedicated SQL pool and serverless SQL pool functions of Synapse SQL. The recommended articles are split up into two sections: Key design decisions and development and coding techniques.

The goal of these articles is to help you develop the optimal technical approach for the Synapse SQL components within Azure Synapse Analytics.

Key design decisions

The articles below highlight concepts and design decisions for Synapse SQL development:

Article dedicated SQL pool serverless SQL pool
Connections Yes Yes
Resource classes and concurrency Yes No
Transactions Yes No
User-defined schemas Yes Yes
Table distribution Yes No
Table indexes Yes No
Table partitions Yes No
Statistics Yes Yes
External tables Yes Yes


Below you'll find essential articles that emphasize specific coding techniques, tips, and recommendations for development:

Article dedicated SQL pool serverless SQL pool
Stored procedures Yes Yes
Labels Yes No
Views Yes Yes
Temporary tables Yes Yes
Dynamic SQL Yes Yes
Looping Yes Yes
Group by options Yes No
Variable assignment Yes Yes

Benefits & best practices

T-SQL feature support

Transact-SQL language is used in serverless SQL pool and dedicated model can reference different objects and has some differences in the set of supported features. For more information, see Transact-SQL features supported in Azure Synapse SQL article.

Next steps

For more reference information, see SQL pool T-SQL statements.