Celebrity fashion over time (using Domains)

Each Hollywood awards season, many celebrities post throwback pictures of past award shows. You notice how different actors dressed for award shows in the 90s and early 2000s compared to now. You're curious to see how celebrity fashion has evolved over time.

Questions to think about:

  • How has celebrity fashion changed over time?
  • What influences fashion?

Try it

  1. Open Search Coach.

  2. Type [change in celebrity fashion over time] in the search bar and run your search.

    1. What do your results look like? What are the domains? What NewsGuard ratings do they have?  
    2. Select the first few results. Observe the following information:
      1. The domain (.com, .gov, .net, etc.)
      2. Who is the author? Publisher?
      3. What did you learn from the source?
    3. What information is missing? Or what else do you want to learn more about?
  3. Let's try specific domains.

    1. Type: [change in celebrity fashion over time]
    2. Select Domain then select only .edu, and run your search.
      1. What do your results look like? What titles do you see?
      2. Find two that seem the most interesting.
  4. Let's add some operators.

    1. Your query should still be [change in celebrity fashion over time] and the domain should still be .edu.
    2. Select Operators. Select AND. Type [Influence].
      1. Looking at the result titles, how did your results change?
  5. What happens when you repeat steps 3 and 4, replacing .edu with another operator like .org? Do you notice a difference in the content or goals of the results?

Think about it

  • Based on what you did, write a cheat sheet containing 5–10 steps that would explain the importance of domains to a friend who is interested in doing research on a given topic.
  • Write a sentence that explains why one should use certain domains.

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