Civil Rights: The Chicano Movement (using operators)

Your history class is discussing the Civil Rights Movement. After class, you hear a classmate ask the teacher about Cesar Chavez and the Chicano Movement. You're unable to catch what the teacher says and decide to search what the Chicano Movement had to do with the Civil Rights Movement.

Questions to think about: 

  • What is the Chicano Movement? 
  • How does the Chicano Movement relate to the Civil Rights Movement?

Try it

  1. Open Search Coach.

  2. Use Operators to form a query. 

  3. To use the operator function, first type [Chicano Movement]. Select Operators then select AND. Next, type [Civil Rights] and run your search.
    - What are the titles of the search results? What are the most common domains?
    - Does order matter?

  4. Try reversing the order of the phrases. In the search bar, enter [Civil Rights AND Chicano Movement]. Note that you can type operators in all caps or use the Operators button to add them to your search.
    - Are the results different from step 3? How?
    - Does the type of operator matter? Why?

  5. Type [Chicano Movement]. Select Operators then select OR. Next, type [Civil Rights] and run your search.
    - Are the results different from step 3? How?
    - Did using operators improve your results?

  6. Try a more basic search without operators. Type [what is the Chicano Movement?] and run your search.
    - How do the results compare to your searches that used operators? Did you find enough sources that connect to Civil Rights?

Think about it

  • How do operators impact your search results? 
  • When would it be useful to use OR? When is it useful to use AND
  • When might you use the operator NOT?
  • Based on your search results, what else would you like to learn about the Civil Rights Movement?

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