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Overview of partner apps in Microsoft Teams

Teams Store provides many useful apps created by partner software developers, in addition to apps provided by Microsoft. To use these apps, as an admin, you set an app governance process that balances wide-ranging requirements of users along with your organization's IT policies, standards, and risk-profiles. While partner providers created these apps, Microsoft does rigorous validation of the functionality, usability, and security of these apps. Only after the validation, Microsoft makes the apps available in Teams store. For the users to benefit from the rich app ecosystem, app governance by admins is a key step.

Partner apps in Microsoft Teams aren't controlled or owned by Microsoft and aren't governed by the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement. Your organization's use of each partner app is subject to that app's terms and conditions and privacy statement. Teams admin center allows you to verify app permissions, privacy statements, and terms of use before you allow its use. As always, you can allow use of an app for a few specific users or all users. For partner apps, as for custom apps, Teams let admins allow, block, govern, and analyze the use of the apps.

Screenshot shows partner apps in Teams store in Teams client.

Microsoft ensures that admins have control over partner apps and only high-quality apps are available in the Teams Store. All apps go through mandatory rounds of validation that check for the functionality of app, the identity of developer, permissions sought by the app, and checks related to compliance, privacy, data handling, and data security. We encourage apps to be a part of an optional program to demonstrate an extra focus on compliance with industry standards, data handling, and security. Know about these programs in the following articles:

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