MCI engagements overview and eligibility

Appropriate roles: Incentives admin | Incentives user

This article explains how you can use the Engagements section within the Microsoft Commerce Incentive (MCI) program to manage your customers for each engagement and check their eligibility status.

To get to MCI Engagements:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Incentives.
  2. Select MCI Engagements.

Engagements overview

The Engagements page lists all earning opportunities, separated by solution area. You can select a solution area below the Incentives | Engagements heading to view the list of available engagements for that solution area. You can also filter the engagements by location, status, and role.

  • The Engagements listing shows name, partner, role, eligibility details, and the status of the engagement.
  • The Eligibility column shows the eligibility status of enrolled locations.
    • A green icon indicates one or more earning locations for that engagement. The number of earning locations out of enrolled locations is displayed next to the green icon.
    • No green icon means none of the enrolled locations are earning on the engagement.
  • Selecting an engagement takes you to its Summary page. Once there, you can go to the Customers page and Eligibility page.
  • The Engagements list displays only engagements for which your Partner Account has at least one eligible location. If you don't see an engagement listed and your location meets the qualification criteria to deliver that engagement, contact your PDM team or sales team representative to ask to be included in that engagement's eligibility list.

Summary page

Each engagement's Summary page gives a high-level description of the earning opportunity, along with the partner qualification criteria, customer qualification criteria, proof of execution requirements, resource links, and rates.

Eligibility page

The Eligibility page lists all locations enrolled in the MCI program, their eligibility status, and their payee profile status.

  • A green check mark next to the eligibility status and payee profile status indicates eligibility to earn on the engagement for that location.
  • Select the eligibility status to review any qualification criteria that must be met to earn for that engagement on the location.
  • The payee profile status has a link to update the bank or tax profile, if needed.

Access the Claims section

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Incentives.
  2. Select Customer claims from the menu.

Customer claims overview

The Customer claims page shows an all-up view of claims across all earning opportunities, and is sorted by tabs based on the solution area.

At the Customer claims page, you can:

  • Export claim data.

  • Create new claims in the tab belonging to the relevant solution area.

  • Access individual claims.

  • Filter claims using the search bar to easily find the desired claims.

  • Sort claims by selecting the desired column headers.

  • Associate a new customer from your claims page. To associate a new customer:

    • From the Customer claims page, select +Add customer.
    • Select either Build intent – Partner activities to associate partner activity type claims, or select Use or consume to associate Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR) claims.

Status definitions

  • Approved: Microsoft reviewer determined that all required elements were present.
  • Awaiting customer consent response: Partner claimed or added customer and sent consent request. Awaiting customer consent.
  • Canceled: Partner canceled claim prior to submittal.
  • Consent rejected: Customer denied consent to proceed.
  • Customer claimed: Partner claimed customer but consent request not yet sent (starts SLA countdown to obtain customer consent).
  • Customer consent declined: Customer denied consent to proceed.
  • Customer consent expired: Customer didn't respond to consent request within SLA.
  • Customer consent received: Partner claimed or added customer and sent consent request. Customer provided consent.
  • Disputed expired: Partner didn't submit disputed claim to review process within SLA after rejection.
  • Disputed: Partner disagreed with rejection and has reopened claim within SLA to request another review.
  • Not submitted expired: Partner didn't complete first attempt at claim submittal within SLA of customer consent.
  • Partner action required: Microsoft reviewer determined that claim is lacking required elements and has requested that the partner provides more info. Partner must edit or respond to issues identified and return claim to Submitted. This status can be initiated by the Microsoft reviewer multiple times during the main review process at any point. It can also be initiated after Dispute action is taken by a partner.
  • Post submission expired: Partner didn't respond to resolve all reviewer requests for action within SLA after customer consent response.
  • Rejected: Microsoft reviewer determined that claim must be rejected as per review criteria.
  • Rejected final: Microsoft reviewer determined that dispute response doesn't adequately address the issues found in relation to the rejected claim and the dispute has been rejected. This decision is final.
  • Submitted: Partner submitted all required documents and claim is ready to be reviewed.
  • Under review: Reviewer is actively working on reviewing the claim documents.

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