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UPDATED 07/06/16: Added Oculus Rift/Oculus SB. On 03/05/16: Updated the ESL extension links. On 02/28/16: Added Jibba Jabba's Small Basic Leaderboard, Extended Text Library (by jsakamoto), Fast 2D Graphics (by FuleSnabel), Kinect (by Synergist), Neural Network (by EzyMCP), and SquareBasic (by Benedikt Muessig). On 01/31/16: Added Fremy's Extension as a featured extension. On 11/2/15: Added LitDev and EV3 Basic.




The impossible goal is that this list will eventually contain every quality extension made for Small Basic.

I'm starting with some listed in the Small Basic Forums, but you should also come back later, because this list will evolve over time.


B Barcode Extension - by NaochanOn



E ESL Extension (v.0.4.3a) - by Liam McSherry EV3 Basic (info) - by Reinhard Grafl & Nigel Ward Excel Library for Small Basic - by JSakamoto Extended Text Library for Small Basic by jsakamoto


Fast 2D Graphics Extension by FuleSnabel

Fremy's Extension (v2.3.1) by FremyCompany (for both SB v1.0 and v1.2)

I I/O Extension (v1) - by Noah Buscher and gungan37 IE Library for Small Basic - by JSakamoto

J Joystick/Game Controller Extension (v1, prereq, how to) - by gungan37

K Kinect for Small Basic Extension Library (for SB v1.1, included in SB v1.2) - by Synergist

L LitDev Extension - by LitDev

(LitDev Demonstration C# Extension Set) - by LitDev

M Math Extension (v.01) - by Zock77 Micro Maestro Servo (v1) - by Zock77 MoreOptions Extension (v0.2) - by Timo Sö Moving Extension (v1) - by Math Man

N Neural Network Extension - by EzyMCP

O Oculus SB: Oculus Rift (v1) - by Zock77

P PlusPlus Extension (v2) - by gungan37 Power Array Extension (v1) - by EzyMCP

S SayPlus! Extension (v1.3.2) - by AshkoreDracson Small Basic Leaderboard (info) - by Jibba Jabba SquareBasic (v0.61) by Benedikt Muessig

T Teaching Extensions (v .034) - by LynnLangit & TeachingKidsProgramming

W Windows Forms for Small Basic (v 2.0) - by gungan37

X XExtension - Leaders Board for Small Basic (v1.0) - by Jibba Jabba (for SB 1.2)



These are older extensions that seem to no longer be working or are no longer available:

Data Extension (v1.0.3) - by Oskariok Fast 2D Graphics Extension - by FuleSnabel PowerExtension ( - by Noah Buscher


You can upload your extensions either at the MSDN Gallery, GitHub, or at CodePlex. In MSDN Gallery, you earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals in the same system as the Small Basic Forums and as TechNet Wiki, where you can create how-to and troubleshooting articles about Small Basic scenarios.

Leave a comment with more extensions to add. We'll need a name and a link to download it. Find the community version of this gallery over on TechNet Wiki.


- Tall Basic Ed


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