Chart your course to success

Posted 28 Aug 2019 by Nancy Tandy, Business Strategy Manager, Worldwide Learning

Learning a new set of tech skills and demonstrating them to employers can be challenging. With so many resources available, how do you choose which ones will take you farthest, fastest? How do you navigate confidently to your goal of equipping yourself with outstanding, industry-recognized qualifications? With Microsoft Learn role-based certification, you can set a course that fits your goals, your level of expertise, and your schedule—in just five straightforward steps.

Step 1. Identify the industry role you want to be certified for and the level of certification you want.

  • Choose a role. Certification at Microsoft is based on industry roles, such as developer, administrator, solutions architect, and functional consultant. The specific skills needed to perform each of these roles have been carefully defined by industry experts, and all learning is designed to help you acquire the appropriate, real-world skills for each role. Want to be certified as a Dynamics 365 for Marketing Functional Consultant Associate? The skills you need to learn and demonstrate are listed, along with links to learning paths and to the exam that will test your knowledge.
  • Identify the level of certification you want to prepare for. Fundamentals is for those starting out, Associate for those with two years’ work experience, and Expert for those with two to five years of deep technical experience. For example, if you plan to be certified as a Dynamics 365 for Field Service Functional Consultant Associate but are new to Dynamics 365, you would first complete the Fundamentals level of certification and then proceed with your learning plan.

Not ready to commit to becoming certified? Just want to gain some new skills in a particular area? No problem. Jump in! Choose some training and start learning. You can build on your achievements later, if you decide to go further. The path to certification is always open.

Step 2. Choose the learning paths, labs, and other resources that lead to your certification goal, and get started at Microsoft Learn.

It’s simple to find the path you need from the wealth of available resources. You can follow a Microsoft Learn guide that helps you plan for your selected role, such as a Dynamics 365 for Marketing Functional Consultant. The guides suggest how to combine self-paced modular learning paths with hands-on labs and classroom experiences. Or you can navigate Microsoft Learn on your own, filtering on your role and level of expertise to identify appropriate modular learning paths, like Getting Started with Dynamics 365 for Marketing, and hands-on trainings that help you develop practical skills, like Work with portals in Dynamics 365 or Create a canvas app in PowerApps.

You don’t have to decide on your complete learning plan right away. Microsoft Learn is flexible enough to adjust to your schedule and your process. You can start with one learning path, see where it takes you, and add other trainings as you progress.

Step 3. Work with Training Services Partners to get instructor-led training in a classroom setting.

An in-depth, classroom experience focused on real-world learning, like Configure settings and core functionality in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, can help ensure that you’re fully prepared for your certification exam.

Step 4. Practice for your certification exam.

Microsoft Official Practice Tests cover all objectives of the exam in depth. Taking a practice test helps you review, gives you an idea what to expect on the exam, and builds your confidence. That means less stress when you take the exam.

Step 5. Take your exam, celebrate, and step into your new role!

These steps to success can keep you focused on moving toward your goal—and motivated! Each time you complete a learning path and move closer to certification, you get a digital badge to share with your professional network. Every step of the way, Microsoft Learn is there to guide and support you.

Start charting your course to success today!