Register and schedule an exam

How to register and schedule an exam

  • Begin with the certification overview or browse all certifications page to find the exam you’d like to take, then click on the certification name.
  • On the certification detail pages, scroll to “Schedule exam” and click on the exam provider button.
  • Effective January 16, 2023, you can have a maximum of two Microsoft Certification exams scheduled at a time, either on the same day or on separate days through Pearson VUE. After you take (or cancel) one of these exams, you can register for another. Please note, there are no changes to exam scheduling through Certiport.
  • You can schedule certification exams no more than 90 days in advance. For any additional questions on this policy, visit Pearson VUE customer service for test-takers.

How to choose an exam delivery provider

  • In the “Schedule exam” section, you may see multiple exam provider options. If you’re taking a certification on your own or as part of a training program, select “Schedule with Pearson VUE”.
  • If you’re a student, member of an academic institution, or taking a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam, select “Schedule with Certiport”.

Exam accommodations

  • We’re committed to ensuring that every person who’s interested in taking Microsoft Certifications can do so in a way that’s fair and accurately reflects their skills and abilities.
  • If you have a disability and want to request accommodations during the exam, visit Request accommodations. Be sure to make accommodations requests before scheduling so the exam provider has time to review your request and make sure the testing environment supports your needs.

Online exam and test center options

In most cases, you can choose to take your exam online or at one of our local test centers.


If you don’t see an online option, it’s not available from your exam provider.

  • Test centers are a great choice if you prefer a quiet, pre-configured environment without the worry of testing your computer and downloading software to meet Microsoft’s security standards.
  • Online proctored exams give you the freedom to take the exam almost anywhere, but you’ll be responsible for making sure your computer and exam area meet security standards.

Run a system pre-check

  • If you decide to take your exam online, you’ll run a system pre-check to see if the computer you’ll be using meets the requirements before registering.
  • For detailed instructions on how to perform the system pre-check, visit: About online exams with Pearson VUE. (Certiport doesn’t offer online proctored exams at this time.)

Step-by-step exam registration instructions

  1. From any certification or exam details page, click the button to schedule an exam with the appropriate exam delivery provider.


Most exams show only Pearson VUE as the exam provider. The Certiport option will appear only if you’re taking a Microsoft Office exam or taking your exam as part of an academic process.

Exam details page with buttons for exam provider options: Schedule with Pearson VUE and Schedule with Certiport.

  1. When you click the schedule button, you may be prompted to sign into your certification profile with your personal Microsoft account (MSA). If you don’t yet have a certification profile, create one here with the same MSA you use to sign into Learn.


If you have a certification profile but have not yet connected it to Microsoft Learn, please visit: Connect a certification profile to Learn.

Microsoft account sign-in screen with email field, sign-in options link, and Next button.

  1. Make sure your contact information is up to date on your certification profile and that your name matches the legal identification you’ll present at your scheduled exam appointment; if it doesn’t match, you won’t be able to take the exam. To learn how to update your legal name, visit Manage your certification profile. When your profile is complete, select “Submit” (or “Next” if you’re verifying).

    Certification profile with contact information fields and Continue button.

  2. Any available discounts will be listed at the top of the page. In the box below, you can check your discount eligibility for other email addresses (e.g., your work email address; another personal email address). For more detailed information, visit Vouchers and redeeming discounts. Once your discounts are claimed, select “Schedule exam” to be redirected to your exam delivery provider.

    The Certification profile Exam Discounts screen with email field and Schedule exam button.

  3. Follow the on-screen steps to select a location, schedule your exam appointment, and complete payment (if applicable).

Once registered, your appointment will appear in your Learn profile under Certifications. Best of luck. You’ve got this!

Learn profile screen highlighting Certifications and appointments in navigation.


From your Learn profile, you can reschedule your appointment, cancel it, or begin a scheduled online exam—all in one place.