AppDomainSetup.ShadowCopyDirectories Property


Gets or sets the names of the directories containing assemblies to be shadow copied.

 property System::String ^ ShadowCopyDirectories { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string ShadowCopyDirectories { get; set; }
member this.ShadowCopyDirectories : string with get, set
Public Property ShadowCopyDirectories As String

Property Value


A list of directory names separated by semicolons.



When shadow copying is enabled, the default is to shadow copy all assemblies found through probing; that is, in the directories specified by the PrivateBinPath and ApplicationBase properties. The ShadowCopyDirectories property restricts the shadow copy to the assemblies in the directories specified by ShadowCopyDirectories.

If you don't assign a string to the ShadowCopyDirectories property, or if you set this property to null, all assemblies in the directories specified by the ApplicationBase and PrivateBinPath properties are shadow copied.


Directory paths must not contain semicolons, because the semicolon is the delimiter character. There is no escape character for semicolons.

When shadow copying is in effect, assembly files are copied to another location before the assemblies are loaded. The original assembly file is not locked, so it can be updated. For more information on shadow copying, see Shadow Copying Assemblies.

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