Creating ASP.NET Mobile Web Pages

ASP.NET mobile controls enable you to target a wide range of devices, including Web-enabled cell phones, pagers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as the Pocket PC. ASP.NET provides the same rich Web application model for mobile devices that it does for ASP.NET applications that target desktop browsers. This section of the documentation describes the extensions that the ASP.NET mobile controls add to ASP.NET Web pages.

ASP.NET mobile controls consist of ASP.NET server controls and device adapters that can intelligently render pages and controls. Knowledge of ASP.NET helps you use mobile controls to build mobile Web pages.

ASP.NET mobile controls also extend the schema of the Machine.config file and add elements to support mobile device rendering. ASP.NET provides an extensible model so that third parties can add new controls and add support for new devices.

You can build mobile Web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio or a text editor, and program them using any programming language supported by the common language runtime. The .NET Framework and the ASP.NET mobile controls together form a powerful, flexible, and extensible platform for developing and deploying mobile Web pages.

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