PerformancePoint data integration

Обновлено: 2009-04-30

The following documentation provides instructions for moving data from an external data source to PerformancePoint Planning Server.

In this section:

  • The PerformancePoint Server data integration process gives instructions for moving data between PerformancePoint Planning Server and an external data source. This process and documentation covers logical data structures in Planning Server, data integration architecture, and the steps that constitute the data integration process.

  • The PerformancePoint Server Data Import Wizard (OBSOLETE) provides a simple, guided process that enables you to import data from general ledger and enterprise resource planning systems into Planning Server using a data provider. The Data Import Wizard requires you to develop your own data providers to integrate source financial data. The PerformancePoint Data Integration Toolkit is a companion tool that provides a data integration framework to help you create the necessary provider for your system.

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