Microsoft.Build.Logging Namespace

Contains types used for logging the progress of a build. For information, see MSBuild.



A logger that serializes all incoming BuildEventArgs in a compressed binary file (*.binlog). The file can later be played back and piped into other loggers (file, console, etc) to reconstruct the log contents as if a real build was happening. Additionally, this format can be read by tools for analysis or visualization. Since the file format preserves structure, tools don't have to parse text logs that erase a lot of useful information.


Provides a method to read a binary log file (*.binlog) and replay all stored BuildEventArgs by implementing IEventSource and raising corresponding events.


Deserializes and returns BuildEventArgs-derived objects from a BinaryReader


Logger that forwards events to a central logger (e.g ConsoleLogger) residing on the parent node.


This class implements the default logger that outputs event data to the console (stdout). It is a facade: it creates, wraps and delegates to a kind of BaseConsoleLogger, either SerialConsoleLogger or ParallelConsoleLogger.


This class will create a text file which will contain the build log for that node


An implementation of IEventSource that raises appropriate events for a provided BuildEventArgs object.


A specialization of the ConsoleLogger that logs to a file instead of the console. The output in terms of what is written and how it looks is identical. For example you can log verbosely to a file using the FileLogger while simultaneously logging only high priority events to the console using a ConsoleLogger.


This class descibes a central/forwarding logger pair used in multiproc logging.


This class is used to contain information about a logger as a collection of values that can be used to instantiate the logger and can be serialized to be passed between different processes.


Listens to build evaluation finished events and collects profiling information when available



Describes whether to collect the project files (including imported project files) used during the build. If the project files are collected they can be embedded in the log file or as a separate zip archive.



Type of delegate used to reset console color.


Type of delegate used to set console color.


Delegate to use for writing a string to some location like the console window or the IDE build window.