Walkthrough: Deploy builds using Game Manager

This article describes how to deploy builds for VMs using Windows OS in Game Manager based on the Windows Runner C# sample.


In order to use and view the PlayFab Multiplayer Servers, you need to enable the feature from Game Manager. For instructions, see Enable the PlayFab Server feature.

Deploying a build is one of the processes in creating a game server using the Windows Runner C# sample.


Make sure you've completed the following steps.


  1. Log into your developer account on PlayFab.com
  2. Go to My Studios and Titles page and select your game title to display the dashboard
  3. Go to Multiplayer > Servers page, select New Build at the top right to create a new build
  4. Use "My build" as the Build Name
  5. Select a server with limited free usage, such as Dasv4
  6. Set 1 for Servers per machine

Image below shows values used in the info section. Create a new build for Multiplayer Servers using Game Manager Build details example with above settings.

  1. Under Virtual Machine OS, select Windows as the platform, Windows Server Core as the Container image

Image below shows values used in the OS section. OS section of a new build using Game Manager

  1. Under Assets, select Upload then navigate to folder with the compiled PlayFab Multiplayer Server Build for the WindowsRunnerSample. To get the Build, see Server side set up.

For Windows Container, C:\Assets is the default mounting path where your asset zip will be unzipped. Start Game command should include C:\Asset such as C:\Asset{YourGameServer.exe}. For Linux container, you can optionally specify the assets and where they should be mounted within the container's file system.

Image below shows values used in the assets section. Assets section of a new build using Game Manager

  1. Set C:\Assets\WindowsRunnerCSharp.exe as the Start Command.

  2. Under Regions, select "East US", one standby server and one maximum server.

Set region values for a new build using Game Manager

  1. For network, use port 3600 using game_port as the name. Use TCP as the protocol as shown in the image below. For the port name, ensure you're using the name defined in your game sample.

Set network values for a new build using Game Manager

  1. Select Add build to start the deployment process. You'll be taken to the build details page. The build will display the Deploying status as show in the image below. In 10 to 20 minutes, your build should be in the Deployed state. You can confirm this by going back to the home page and looking at the status of the build.

Screenshot showing servers deploying

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