Manage content sources for Viva Learning

The administrators for the Microsoft 365 admin center—either by themselves or by assigning the knowledge admin role to selected individuals in your organization—can manage settings related to Viva Learning and can configure the learning content sources.

The administrator selects which other learning content sources (for example, SharePoint or supported third-party content provider sources) will be available to users of Viva Learning. The admin then configures those sources to make sure the content is available for search and discovery and can be browsed by the employees who use Viva Learning. Content from Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 Training, and select content from LinkedIn Learning is available for free and enabled by default. If your organization has a LinkedIn Learning Enterprise subscription, employees can access the entire LinkedIn Learning catalog in Viva Learning without a Viva Suite or Viva Learning license.


Content accessible through Viva Learning is subject to terms other than the Microsoft Product Terms. Content and any associated services are subject to the content provider's privacy and service terms.


For non-Microsoft content (except free LinkedIn content), ensure your organization has a subscription for your users to access that content using a work account before connecting it to Viva Learning. Users' personal subscriptions to non-Microsoft learning providers will not be integrated with Viva Learning. Users sign in to non-Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning Pro learnings in a browser or embedded viewer. This configured learning is subject to the separate license, privacy and service terms between your organization and the third party, and not the Viva Learning terms. Before selecting this type of learning, verify you have an agreement in place for your organization and users. If users navigate to content where they do not have an organizational subscription, they may see a provider page where they could sign up for an individual subscription. All non-Microsoft learning is provided under the non-Microsoft provider's terms and not as part of Viva Learning.

Assign the knowledge admin role (Optional)

You must be a Microsoft 365 global administrator to perform these tasks.


The knowledge admin should be moderately technical and have existing SharePoint admin credentials, preferably someone who is well-versed in the education, learning, training, or employee experience part of the organization.

Add a knowledge admin

To add a knowledge admin for Viva Learning, follow these steps:

  1. In the left navigation of the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Roles and select Role assignments.

    Image of Role assignments in the left navigation

  2. On the Role Assignments page, on the Azure AD tab, select Knowledge Administrator.

    Image of Knowledge Admin selected on the Azure AD tab.

  3. On the Knowledge Administrator panel, select Assigned admins, and then select Add.

    Roles page in the Microsoft 365 admin center showing the Knowledge Administrator panel to add a user.

  4. On the Add admins panel, select the person you choose for the role, and then select Add.

Remove a knowledge admin

To remove a knowledge admin for Viva Learning, follow these steps:

  1. In the left navigation of the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Roles, and select Role assignments.

    Image of Role assignments in the left navigation

  2. On the Role assignments page, go to the Azure AD tab, and then select Knowledge Administrator.

    Image of Knowledge Adminstrator selected on the Azure AD tab.

  3. On the Knowledge Administrator panel, on the Assigned Admins tab, select Remove, and then select the person you want to remove from the role. To confirm, select Remove.

    Roles page in the Microsoft 365 admin center showing the Assigned admins panel to remove a user.

Configure settings for the learning content sources

You must be a Microsoft 365 global administrator or knowledge admin to perform these tasks.

To configure settings for learning content sources in Viva Learning:

  1. Go to the Admin tab in Viva Learning and select Manage Providers on the left menu.

  2. Select Add Provider

    Settings page in the Microsoft 365 admin center showing the Learning app listed.

  3. Select the provider you want to configure from the Provider list and select Next.

    Learning panel in the Microsoft 365 admin center showing content sources options.

  4. Enter the configuration details and click Save. Note that these details vary depending on the provider.

  5. Once the configuration is saved, the provider displays on the Manage Providers dashboard of the tenant.

  6. The start of the sync indicates a successful configuration. You can refer to the sync status for more details.

  7. To edit or delete the already configured provider, select Edit or Delete from the provider menu.

    Manage providers page with a successful configuration status of the chosen provider


You'll need a Viva Learning or Viva Suite license to connect external content sources, with the exception of LinkedIn Learning. You'll need a LinkedIn Learning Enterprise subscription to access LinkedIn Learning content other than the select free courses. Learn more about licensing.

Some learning content sources will be enabled by default. These learning sources include:

  • LinkedIn Learning select free content
  • Microsoft Learn
  • Microsoft 365 Training
  • Bring your own content

Bring your own content

The bring your own content feature allows users in your organization to bring their own content from SharePoint into Viva Learning and share it with others. However, content brought in by end users isn't searchable.


For data that you copy to Viva Learning from a non-Microsoft service (learning provider or learning management system), you are not able to directly extract, correct, or delete that data in Viva Learning. We refresh the data you import from non-Microsoft providers promptly to reflect changes and deletions in the non-Microsoft source data. You need to work with the supplier of the non-Microsoft service to access, correct, delete or extract data under the license, service, or privacy terms of the non-Microsoft service. The changes made there will be reflected in the data processed for your use in Viva Learning upon completion of the data update cycles of the non-Microsoft service and Viva Learning. If you turn off the connection between Viva Learning and a non-Microsoft service, all data you had previously imported from that service will be deleted.

More app settings

You can control the Viva Learning availability in your org from Teams Admin center.

To control the ability to bring your own content or privacy related settings go to the Viva Learning settings page on the Microsoft 365 Admin center. You can also search for Viva learning landing page on M365 Admin center to get a comprehensive list of all the Viva Learning settings.

Microsoft 365 Admin page that displays a list of Viva Learning settings

Users can recommend content to each other in Viva Learning. Enable tracking to allow a recommender to set due dates and track the progress of content they recommended. Tracking is enabled by default.

  1. In the left navigation of the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Settings > Org settings.

  2. On the Org settings page, on the Services tab, select Viva Learning.

  3. Check the box to enable tracking, or uncheck the box to disable tracking.

    Image of the enable tracking checkbox in the admin center.

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