Learn about the Microsoft Purview risk and compliance solutions trial

The Microsoft Purview solutions trial is a free and easy way to try capabilities of Microsoft Purview risk and compliance solutions. After a quick setup taking only a couple of minutes, the features of the Microsoft E5 license package are available for you to use for up to 90 days.

Where to sign up

You can start the trial now by visiting the Microsoft Purview compliance trials hub. At the hub you can see the status of your trials, sign up for other trials, and view purchase options. Get detailed trial signup instructions below.

Eligibility and licensing

Microsoft 365 E3, Office 365 E3, and Enterprise Mobility and Security E3 customers who don't already have a Microsoft E5 license package are eligible for the Purview solutions trial. The trial isn't available for Microsoft 365 Government customers.

As part of the trial setup, 300 Microsoft 365 E5 compliance licenses are automatically applied to your organization. The licenses are active for 90 days. You may want to refer to Microsoft 365 licensing guidance for security & compliance for licensing details for each solution.

Required roles for starting the trial

Users must hold one of the following admin roles in order to sign up for or end a trial:

  • Billing Administrator
  • Compliance Administrator
  • Global Administrator
  • Compliance Data Administrator

Get more details about roles for starting Microsoft 365 trials.

Trial signup instructions

Visit the Microsoft 365 trials hub to sign up for the trial. You can also follow the steps below:

  1. In the Microsoft Purview compliance portal, select Trials on the left navigation to get to the Microsoft 365 trials hub.

  2. Under Purview and Priva trials, find the Microsoft Purview solutions card and select Try now.

  3. On the Microsoft Purview solutions trial flyout pane, review the information about what's included and what to expect when you start the trial, then select Start trial.

Your trial will be effective immediately for 90 days. It can take up to two hours for all Purview solutions to appear in your left navigation. Sign out and sign back in to see the updates.

Getting started, finding support, and ending the trial

Getting started

You can start using Purview solutions as soon as you see them in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. Nothing is created automatically and users won't be affected. When you navigate to each solution, you may be guided to make extra setup configurations to start using features.

Use our trial user guide to help you get started.

Finding support

Organizations may use FastTrack for trial deployment support if the tenant has at least 150 licenses. Get more details about FastTrack.

Extending the trial

You can extend the trial within the last 15 days of the trial period. You're limited to a maximum of two trial periods. If you don't extend by the time your trial period ends, you'll need to wait at least 30 days before signing up for a second trial.

Ending the trial

Admins can disable the trial anytime by going to the Purview solutions trial card in the Microsoft 365 trials hub (see Trial signup instructions) and selecting End trial.

If you decide not to upgrade to the E5 level solutions, unless stated otherwise for the solution your trial data will be maintained for a period of time, usually 180 days, before being permanently deleted. You may continue to access the data gathered during the trial until that time.

Learn more about Purview solutions

The Purview solutions trial includes the solutions listed below.


Certain Purview features may appear in other Microsoft products for which a license is needed. Refer to each Purview solution's licensing details at Microsoft 365 licensing guidance for security & compliance.

  • Audit

    Microsoft Purview Audit (Premium) helps organizations to conduct forensic and compliance investigations by increasing audit log retention required to conduct an investigation, providing access to intelligent insights that help determine scope of compromise, and faster access to Office 365 Management Activity API. Learn more about Audit (Premium).

  • Communication Compliance

    Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance helps you overcome modern compliance challenges associated with internal and external communications by helping you automatically capture inappropriate messages, investigate possible policy violations, and take steps to remediate. Learn more about Communication Compliance.

  • Compliance Manager

    Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager can help you throughout your compliance journey, from taking inventory of your data protection risks to managing the complexities of implementing controls, staying current with regulations and certifications, and reporting to auditors. Learn more about Compliance Manager.

  • Data Lifecycle Management

    Automate your retention coverage by using adaptive policy scopes. This feature allows you to dynamically target policies for retention to specific users, groups, or sites. These policies automatically update when changes occur in your organization. In addition, policies that use adaptive scopes are not subject to location limits. Learn more about adaptive policy scopes.

    Learn more about Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) helps you control sharing and use of sensitive info on devices, apps, and services. With trials, you can extend coverage of DLP policies to Teams and devices, protect even more sensitive content using trainable classifiers and exact data match (EDM), and get started quickly with our recommended DLP policies. Learn more about Data Loss Prevention.

    When the trial ends:

    • Your existing policies will stay turned on unless you turn them off.
    • You'll no longer be able to edit or add Teams or Devices locations in existing or new policies.
  • eDiscovery

    Take advantage of an end-to-end workflow for preserving, collecting, analyzing, and exporting content that's responsive to your organization's internal and external investigations. Legal teams can also manage the entire legal hold notification process by communicating with custodians involved in a case. Learn more about eDiscovery.

  • Information Protection

    Implement Microsoft Purview Information Protection with sensitivity labels to help you discover, classify, and protect your sensitive content wherever it lives or travels. With the trials, you can recommend users apply sensitivity labels to their emails and docs, discover and automatically label sensitive content, take advantage of machine learning based classifiers, and get started quickly with our recommended labels and policies.

    The Information Protection trial provides you with default labels, auto-labeling for documents and emails, and data loss prevention to protect credit card numbers shared in Teams and by devices. The default policies we create for you get you up and running quickly, but you can fully customize them as you want.

    When the trial ends:

    • All files and emails labeled during your trial stay labeled. You can manually remove the labels.
    • Your existing policies will stay turned on unless you turn them off.
    • Any auto-labeling policies can't be edited after the trial ends, but can be deleted.

    For more information about each of these preconfigured features and how they'll affect users, see Learn about the free trial for Microsoft Purview Information Protection.

Get more information about the full range of features for Microsoft Purview Information Protection.

  • Insider Risk Management

    Use artificial intelligence to help you quickly identify, triage, and remediate internal risks. Using logs from Microsoft 365 and Azure services, you can define policies that monitor for risk signals, then take remediation actions such as promoting user education or initiating an investigation. Learn more about Insider Risk Management.

  • Records Management

    Use integrated Microsoft Purview Records Management features to automate the retention schedule for organizational regulatory, legal, and business-critical records. Get full content lifecycle support, from creation to collaboration, record declaration, retention, and disposition:

    • Classify content as a record to prevent users from editing, as required by regulations, laws, or organizational policy
    • Apply retention labels to content automatically when it matches criteria you specify, using auto-apply label policies
    • Use adaptive scope policies to dynamically target your retention label policies to locations, with no limit on how many locations are included
    • Get full content lifecycle support, including the ability to perform disposition review on contents before they're permanently deleted at the end

Get more information on the full range of features for Microsoft Purview Records Management.

Terms and conditions

See the terms and conditions for Microsoft 365 trials.