How to get Power Automate for desktop installer logs

This article introduces how to get Microsoft Power Automate for desktop installer logs.

Applies to:   Power Automate
Original KB number:   4555577


When you install Microsoft Power Automate for desktop, the installation fails and you want to resolve the issue by using the installer logs.

More information

The following locations contain logs that are related to the installer.


The files that start with Power_Automate_Desktop contain part of the installer's logs.

Files that contain part of the installer's logs in the temp folder.


Admin privileges are required to read these files. You can either start a text editor as an admin to open one of the files, or you can copy them to a different location on disk to open them as a non-admin.

The Installer folder under programdata contains the installer's logs.


During installation, the installer starts the UIFlowService service, and depending on the problem, you may need to look at logs from this service as well. You can find them in %programdata%\Microsoft\Power_Automate_Desktop\Logs.