LoggerVerbosity Enum


Enumeration of the levels of detail of an event log.

public enum class LoggerVerbosity
public enum LoggerVerbosity
type LoggerVerbosity = 
Public Enum LoggerVerbosity


Detailed 3

Relatively verbose, but not exhaustive

Diagnostic 4

The most verbose and informative verbosity

Minimal 1

Relatively little output

Normal 2

Standard output. This should be the default if verbosity level is not set

Quiet 0

The most minimal output


The level of detail (i.e. verbosity) of an event log is entirely controlled by the logger generating the log -- a logger will be directed to keep its verbosity at a certain level, based on user preferences, but a logger is free to choose the events it logs for each verbosity level.

LOGGING GUIDELINES FOR EACH VERBOSITY LEVEL: 1) Quiet -- only display a summary at the end of build 2) Minimal -- only display errors, warnings, high importance events and a build summary 3) Normal -- display all errors, warnings, high importance events, some status events, and a build summary 4) Detailed -- display all errors, warnings, high and normal importance events, all status events, and a build summary 5) Diagnostic -- display all events, and a build summary

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