DependentTransaction.Complete Method


Attempts to complete the dependent transaction.

 void Complete();
public void Complete ();
member this.Complete : unit -> unit
Public Sub Complete ()


Any attempt for additional work on the transaction after this method is called. These include invoking methods such as EnlistVolatile, EnlistDurable, Clone(), DependentClone(DependentCloneOption) , or any serialization operations on the transaction.


Call this method when the dependent clone wants to inform the creator of the transaction that it has finished its work, and the transaction can be committed if the parent is also ready.

After this call is invoked, you should not attempt any additional work on the transaction, or an exception is thrown.

If the application domain goes down after this method is called, and before the transaction is completed, the transaction might abort.

Note This method should be called only once during the dependent transaction's lifetime.

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