Word.ListBullet enum


[ API 集:WordApi 1.3 ]


// Link to full sample: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OfficeDev/office-js-snippets/prod/samples/word/20-lists/organize-list.yaml

// Inserts a list starting with the first paragraph then set numbering and bullet types of the list items.
await Word.run(async (context) => {
  const paragraphs: Word.ParagraphCollection = context.document.body.paragraphs;

  await context.sync();

  // Use the first paragraph to start a new list.
  const list: Word.List = paragraphs.items[0].startNewList();

  await context.sync();

  // To add new items to the list, use Start or End on the insertLocation parameter.
  list.insertParagraph("New list item at the start of the list", "Start");
  const paragraph: Word.Paragraph = list.insertParagraph("New list item at the end of the list (set to list level 5)", "End");

  // Set numbering for list level 1.
  list.setLevelNumbering(0, Word.ListNumbering.arabic);

  // Set bullet type for list level 5.
  list.setLevelBullet(4, Word.ListBullet.arrow);

  // Set list level for the last item in this list.
  paragraph.listItem.level = 4;


  await context.sync();


arrow = "Arrow"
checkmark = "Checkmark"
custom = "Custom"
diamonds = "Diamonds"
hollow = "Hollow"
solid = "Solid"
square = "Square"